Month 1: Hanoi

Week 1:

After 23 hours of flying, multiple customs lines, almost missing a connecting flight, and the airline leaving my bags in Beijing, I made it to Vietnam. Upon arrival I was greeted by a remote year worker (Jason) who directed me to a driver who took me from the airport to my new home in Hanoi’s old quarter.  The ride from the airport was like something out of a movie; Vietname’s flags, motor bikes, and giant pictures of Ho Chi Minh seemed to be everywhere.

My apartment is great. About 1000 sq feet 1 bedroom with a bathroom, TV, kitchen, and most importantly air conditioning. It’s also just a 15 minute walk from my new office for the next month called Toong Coworking Space. After dropping my bags in the room I walked to a nearby bar to meet some of the remote year group. A 6ft 6 remote year software engineer from Wales named Hugh bought me a much needed old fashioned whisky drink upon arriving at the bar. The group is awesome hailing from all over. Countries represented include Germany, France, Norway, Wales, ermans, French, Brazil, Australia, and United States.


The Top floor of the Toong workspace


 Downstairs benches and tables at Toong


There’s a countless number of new foods to try here. From street vendors to cafes and coffee shops there’s been so much new stuff. Favorites include:



Perfect Breakfast Setu at Hanoi Social Club


Left: Breakfast with rice fruit and egg coffee (delicious coffee but incredibly strong espesso at the bottom)


Banh Mi:

Vietnames Coffee



Water Puppets show at Thang Long Theatre in Hanoi


Week 2:

In week 2 I’m finally over my jetlag and setup with all the different social activities that Remote Year has provided. Throughout the weeks that we’re here we have a number of different cultural activities and weekend trips that we can choose to participate in. One I did this week was a historical walk along the old Hanoi train tracks which were laid during the French colonization of Vietnam, The lady giving the tour was a local and had lots of interesting facts about the city as we walked for about 3 miles along the old Hanoi train tracks.

This weekend I’m going on a 3 day trip to Sa Pa in northern Vietnam. The plan is to take an overnight train and arrive early morning in Sa Pa to hike up into the paddy fields.